Aldeburgh Hall

Aldeburgh, Suffolk (TM 45255665)

Episodic working of the Coralline Crag for material for the construction of farm tracks at Aldeburgh Hall exposes about 2m of the Aldeburgh Member. Poorly defined planar beds are present, dipping at 6-7° to the SSE, with occasional silt drapes. These weakly cemented calcarenites are devoid of aragonitic biota, although moulds of aragonitic bivalves are common. Bryozoans are very abundant, notably large globose colonies of the cyclostomes Blumenbachium and Meandropora. Sedimentary structures indicate that periods of slow deposition may have been interspersed with periods of rapid burial that overwhelmed the benthic fauna, including juvenile pectinids.

Adapted from Daley and Balson, 1999.

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