Lithostratigraphy of the Red and Norwich Crags of the Aldeburgh-Orford Area, south-east SUffolk

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1985
Authors:J. A. Zalasiewicz, Mathers S. J.
Journal:Geological Magazine
Start Page:287

Recent investigations indicate that three distinct lithostratigraphical units can be recognised in the Red and Norwich Crag deposits of the area around Aldeburgh and Orford, Suffolk. These effectively represent a refinement of a stratigraphy originally suggested by Prestwich in 1871. A lowermost coarse-grained shelly sand, the Red Crag Formation, rests on an eroded London Clay surface and is banked against the Pliocene Coralline Crag. The Red Crag Formation passes upwards into a fine-grained generally unfossiliferous well-sorted sand, the Chillesford Sand Member, which overlaps the Red Crag Formation to rest directly on the Coralline Crag. The Chillesford Clay Member is regarded as the lateral equivalent of the upper Chillesford Sand Member, the two members together comprising the Norwich Crag Formation in this area. Sections that have been zoned palaeontologically may be integrated into this lithostratigraphical framework. These indicate that the Red Crag Formation correlates with the Pre-Ludhamian Stage, and the Chillesford Sand Member and the Chillesford Clay Member correlate with the Bramertonian Stage. Type sections are established for the three units described.

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