Richmond Farm

Gedgrave, Suffolk (TM 41224922)

About 6m of the Sudbourne Member of the Coralline Crag are exposed here, showing large-scale cross-bedding with a set thickness of around 1.5m. This is the best exposure of the cross-bedded Sudbourne Member in the Gedgrave area. Aragonite is leached and the sediment has a high content of terrigenous material (ca 30%), mainly quartz. Fine comminution of bioclasts indicates prolonged transportation. The main body fossils are calcitic bivalves and bryozoan fragments, with trace fossils represented by small vertical and sinuous burrows. Foraminifera that can be correlated with the late Pliocene of continental Europe have been recorded.

Adapted from Daley and Balson, 1999. See also Dixon, 2005.

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