Early and Early Middle Pleistocene Correlations in the Southern North Sea Basin

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1991
Authors:P. L. Gibbard, West, R. G., Zagwijn, W. H., Balson, P. S., Burger, A. W., Funnell, B. M., Jeffery, D. H., de Jong, J., van Kolfschoten, T., Lister, A. M., Meijer, T., Norton, P. E. P., Preece, R. C., Rose, J., Stuart, A. J., Whiteman, C. A., Zalasiewicz, J. A.
Journal:Quaternary Science Reviews
Start Page:23

On April 8, 1988 a discussion meeting took place at Norwich with the aim of establishing correlations of the Early and Middle Pleistocene stages across the southern North Sea. On the basis of faunal, floral, and palaeoclimatic data the following correlations were considered highly probable. The Pastonian Stage of East Anglia is correlated with the Late Tiglian (TC5) Stage of the Netherlands, and the Bramertonian with the Middle Tiglian (TC1-4b). The possiblility that the British Antian and Bramertonian Stages may represent parts of a single climatic event is mentioned. The Ludhamian is probably of Early Tiglian age and the Pre-Ludhamian may equate in part with the Praetiglian Stage. Possible correlation of the Waltonian with part of the Pliocene Reuverian Stage is also suggested.
In the later Middle Pleistocene, the Anglian Stage correlates with the continental Elsterian. The precise correlation of the British type Cromerian Stage with part of the 'Cromerian Complex' Stage in the Netherlands remains uncertain.

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