The stratigraphy and structure of the Crag of mid-Suffolk, England

Publication Type:Journal Article
Year of Publication:1983
Authors:C. R. Bristow
Journal:Proceedings of the Geologists' Association
Start Page:1

Glauconite-coated flints at the base of a recently recognized spread of Crag deposits are thought to have been derived from a formerly more extensive basal Bullhead Bed of the Thanet Beds. No lithological basis has been found for subdividing the Crag into Norwich and Red Crag, although the faunal criteria for separation these two Crags is of chronological significance. A number of sub-drift northeasterly trending faults and fault-guided Crag basins have been identified. The age of these structures is thought to be early Pleistocene and there was probably syndepositional movement along the faults.

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